🤮 Top 5 Reasons Play-to-Earn NFT Games Suck!

🤮 Top 5 Reasons Play-to-Earn NFT Games Suck!

Today we the Top 5 Reasons Why Play-to-Earn Money NFT Crypto Games Suck!. #bitcoin #ethereum #cryptocurrency

⚠️ Link to Article: https://www.mechanism.capital/breaking-the-trance-crypto-gaming

⏰ Timestamps
0:00 – Intro
0:20 – Reason 1: Play-to-Earn is a Hopium Label
1:25 – Reason 2: Sets Unrealistic Expectations
2:43 – Reason 3: X-to-Earn Games (ex. StepN) are Ponzis
3:15 – Reason 4: Currently it’s mostly Earn AND not focused on Spend
5:29 – Reason 5: Unsustainable Tokenomics: Currently 30-60% of Tokens are Given to All Players

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🤮 Top 5 Reasons Play-to-Earn NFT Games Suck!
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