5 FREE NFT Games Play to Earn NO Investment Android & iOS 2022 | NFT Game | Mobile Crypto Games

5 FREE NFT Games Play to Earn NO Investment Android & iOS 2022 | NFT Game | Mobile Crypto Games ————— ► Links • Check out part 1: Top 5 NFT GAMEs You Can Play To Earn $100 a Day…

5 FREE NFT Games Play to Earn NO Investment Android & iOS 2022 | NFT Game | Mobile Crypto Games



5 FREE NFT Games Play to Earn NO Investment Android & iOS 2022 | NFT Game | Mobile Crypto Games

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– What NFT marketplaces do you use the most?
Opensea, Rarible, Mintable,superrare
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Brave Browser
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NFT Games
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00:38 #5 Tiny Colony.

Tiny Colony is a play-to-earn game on a blockchain network. This game with the development management simulation genre has used the latest networking technology which has made it able to connect with players across countries.

The presence of this game has given fresh air to collectors and investors in the cryptocurrency world. The reason is, this game has offered an attractive investment method with exciting gameplay.

Players will be able to build and grow an advanced and sophisticated ant colony. Players can also defend their base from the dark forces that roam from underground.
In addition, there are several game modes that you can try, ranging from Community Quests, Tiny Wars, Battle Arenas, Gladiator Fights, to Tiny Slot.cx">Slots. Everyone can make money through the missions that have been completed.

01:30 #4 Chainmonsters.

Chainmonsters is a free-to-play game with a role-playing concept on the Flow blockchain. This game supports transactions using FLOW tokens and is equivalent to 12 US dollars.

Similar to the game pokemon, you can tame monsters called Chainmons. These monsters that have been equipped with unique powers are NFT assets that can be traded.

In addition to Chainmons, other items such as land and clothing also include NFT products that you can buy, sell, and trade. You will also have the opportunity to earn free NFT from in-game rewards.

02:08 #3 Devikins.

Devikins is one of the free NFT games for Android that has been developed by MoonLabs. You can collect characters and will also generate new characters in order to create a more powerful and varied NFT collection.

You can use Devikins characters to fight using a JRPG combat system that has been combined with unique Tamagotchi elements. Guaranteed this game will be fun and addictive!

In fact, you can play this NFT game without capital for free without the Devikins token, namely Devicoin (DVK). Meanwhile, you need DVK tokens if you are going to intend to upgrade your account.

02:50 #2 Gods Unchained.

The next free NFT game, namely Gods Unchained. Gods Unchained is a collectible card game where you can collect and exchange cards that have been registered as NFT assets.

In this money-making game, you have to fight other players with the aim of climbing the ranks. Higher rankings will provide more opportunities to get quality cards.

Because the free card set at the beginning of this game is not included in the blockchain, then you must win the battle first in order to get Flux as one of the capital to print cards on the Ethereum blockchain.

Meanwhile, you can transact using Gods Unchained tokens which will be named GODS. This token has an exchange rate of 1 GODs which is equivalent to 6.04 US dollars.

03:38 #1 AlterVerse.

Altervese is a Sci-Fi shooter game based on NFT. In addition, this game has been developed and has been equipped with blockchain technology that operates on the Enjin network.

This game has a fantasy theme, AlterVerse will invite you to explore outer space with starships as an NFT item that can be collected, exchanged, or can be traded on the official marketplace.

In this game, there are various missions that you must complete. One of them is saving spaceships in the Hero’s Quest mission which aims to get rewards such as NFT and tokens.

AlterVerse is one of those cryptocurrency games that you can play for free. In addition, the first time you play you will get non-NFT items as one of the initial capitals in the game.

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