5 FREE NFT Games Play to Earn NO Investment Android & iOS 2022 | NFT Game | Mobile Crypto Games

5 FREE NFT Games Play to Earn NO Investment Android & iOS 2022 | NFT Game | Mobile Crypto Games ————— ► Links • Check out part 1: Top 5 NFT GAMEs You Can Play To Earn $100 a Day…

5 FREE NFT Games Play to Earn NO Investment Android & iOS 2022 | NFT Game | Mobile Crypto Games



5 FREE NFT Games Play to Earn NO Investment Android & iOS 2022 | NFT Game | Mobile Crypto Games

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– What NFT marketplaces do you use the most?
Opensea, Rarible, Mintable,superrare
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Brave Browser
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NFT Games
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00:36 #5. SkyWeaver.

Skyweaver is a free-to-play Trading Card Game where you can own, trade and gift your cards (NFTs). Deeply strategic gameplay combined with a player-owned marketplace lets you win tradable cards (NFTs) on your journey to becoming a legendary Skyweaver.

Skyweaver takes place in Sky. Sky is an alternate reality, a new digital dimension that exists parallel to Earth. Players Skyweavers come to Sky to play, explore and battle with one another. Through battle, Skyweavers activate, unlock and acquire resources provided by Sky.
Sky and Skyweavers live symbiotically; they help one another. Sky provides a home for all the Units that inhabit it and rewards players with resources to use and energy or mana to play. Skyweavers help Sky evolve by activating and unlocking its resources. Sky and Skyweavers co-create the future together.

In Skyweaver, you control a Hero, and must do battle with an enemy (human or AI). Your ultimate goal is to compete and win against other Skyweavers, and this in turn will make you stronger, wiser and more versatile.

01:48 #4. World of Masters.

World Of Masters is a completely new generation of Card Battle turn-based mobile games based on Blockchain technology. You can participate in a world of Kungfu – martial arts – mythology in the most authentic way. Together with the extremely famous legendary heroes from Jin Yong’s top novels in the world, to create a unique worldview of their own. Fight with evil forces or compete with other players to conquer the heights in the game.

World Of Masters’ gameplay is designed around a combination of personal skill and characteristic tactical thinking. Challenge yourself with different game modes: PvE, PvP, Boss, Arena that come with continuous updates every month and extremely attractive rewards.

02:56 #3. Vy Worlds.

Vy Worlds is a Play-to-Earn game where you can own playable vinyl toys called Vy. Owning a Vy NFT allows you to play and build games to earn in-game currency AND win airdrops of limited-edition NFT.

The Vy Worlds community is backed by Knock Knock Games – a web3 game development startup with a fully doxxed team from Zynga, Jam City, EA, and more.

Skelly is a badass 1 by 1 NFT you can play and earn with in Vy Worlds.

04:10 #2. Space Marvel.

Space Marvel (SVE) is a Time-based NFT game inspired by SpaceX and Marvel Cinematic Universe and supported by BSC, Avalanche, and Solana.

In the Space Marvel world, users can collect in-game valuable NFT items or heroes to form a team, explore, conquer other planets, galaxies and build their virtual universes (Metaverse).

With stunning graphics, Space Marvel will deliver the best experience to users, gearing towards everyone, not only crypto users but also traditional game players.

05:22 #1. Wizarre.

Wizarre is a Free-to-play (F2P) video game using a blockchain ecosystem. The Play-to-earn (P2E) mechanic allows anyone to earn tokens by dynamic playing or making contributions to the ecosystem. By implementing F2P and P2E mechanics together, Wizarre gives players the revolutionary opportunity to play and make profit at the same time.
The biggest difference between Wizarre and traditional games is a blockchain economy design which rewards players for their contribution to the ecosystem. This kind of ecosystem is revolutionary in terms of interaction between a publisher and players. Players no longer need to buy a game, nor pay directly to the publisher for “pay to win”. All items bought in the game can be resold inside the game’s marketplace or outside the game universe – on external NFT marketplaces. This makes players certain that these items really belong to them.


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