5 Play to Earn Crypto RPG Games for 2022 | NFT Games

5 Play to Earn Crypto RPG Games for 2022 | NFT Games

5 Play to Earn Crypto RPG Games for 2022 | NFT Games

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#5. Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds.

The Ni No Kuni series has always been beautiful. With its Studio Ghibli-esque styling, imaginative character designs and amazing music made by the legend that is Joe Hisaishi, its world is a true joy to immerse yourself in. It’s why I’m ultimately so disappointed by Cross Worlds. Netmarble has taken this pure, effervescent fantasy dream land and pushed it off the monkeybars into a steaming pile of gacha mechanics and crypto currencies.

#4. Phantom Galaxies.

As an RPG game with a daring story and themes that are out of this world, Phantom Galaxies’ overall first look is promising.
Phantom Galaxies is being developed by Blowfish Studios and Animoca Brands.

#3. Crypto Ball Z.

‘Crypto Ball Z on WEMIX’ is a P2E mobile shooting game fused with idle RPG elements where the characters from ‘Game of Dice’, a game loved by 50 million fans around the world, will fight alongside players. The game’s idle RPG aspects allow the gameplay to be fun and easy for players of all kinds.

#2. Project Aurory.

Aurory is a gaming studio first, and a crypto company second. Our team of industry veterans are here to bring the same AAA quality experience that we all love from web2, but with a dash of seamless web3 asset ownership enabled by low fees and quick transactions on Solana.

#1. Big Time.

Big Time is a Free-To-Play, multiplayer Role-Playing Game (RPG) fantasy adventure.
In Big Time, players travel through space and time to defend history itself and battle against a mysterious force that is progressively tearing apart the walls of history and time.


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5 Play to Earn Crypto RPG Games for 2022 | NFT Games
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