Augmented Reality Gaming and Spatial Experiences Augmented Reality Gaming and Spatial Experiences

ARway launches the addition of custom augmented reality games as spatial experiences to its already impressive offering. This strategic expansion is set to further solidify ARway’s position as a leading innovator in the AR technology industry, offering exciting opportunities for both investors and partners.

Augmented Reality offers a range of benefits to the gaming industry. Some of these include: Immersive gaming experiences, real world interactions, social interactions, educational benefits, and significantly, marketing and advertisement opportunities.

ARway’s AR Games integration is made possible through the ARwayKit Software Development Kit (SDK). This addition complements the existing array of features within the ARway platform, including 3D experiences, indoor navigation, advertisements, images, videos, text, hotspots, and audio. The incorporation of AR games opens a new avenue for 3D and AR game developers to integrate their stationary 3D games into the ARway platform, offering immersive, location-persistent experiences.

ARway’s diverse customer base, spanning retail, airports, museums, marketing agencies, and more, can now leverage the platform to publish location-persistent and branded AR games that best suit their unique use cases. This expansion empowers ARway’s partners in the gaming industry to distribute their gaming assets through the platform, gaining access to a broader audience and user base.
Importantly, ARway’s AR Games integration offers full support for out-of-the-box game assets across Unity, the preferred 3D gaming platform for AR game developers. Unity provides the capability to customize and optimize graphics across various platforms, from mobile devices to high-end consoles and PCs. (Source: Unity)

About (CSE: ARWY) (OTCQB: ARWYF) (FSE: E65) is a spatial computing platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI) providing an array of augmented reality (AR) experiences for indoor spaces. ARway’s breakthrough no-code no-beacon IPNN allows for the easy creation of navigation, tours, information sharing, notifications, advertising and gamification. ARway works seamlessly as a cross platform solution on iOS/ Android. ARway’s technology is optimized for both mobile devices and AR glasses: Apple’s Vision Pro, Magic Leap and Microsoft’s HoloLens. ARway has unlimited use cases for augmenting physical spaces, making it a valuable tool for creators, brands and companies in various industries.

ARway product offerings include: AR app, Creator Portal, and SDK
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