Canada Road Trip: Ottawa to Jasper! (Travel Guide)

Canada Road Trip: Ottawa to Jasper! (Travel Guide)

Get ready for the ultimate Canada road trip travel guide from Ottawa to Jasper and back! We’ll be driving through Sudbury, and Thunder Bay, stopping at the famous West Edmonton Mall, and exploring the breathtaking beauty of Lake Louise and Jasper National Park. Along the way, we’ll ride on the Jasper Skytram for panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. Get ready for an unforgettable journey filled with adventure, scenery, and fun! Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button to follow along for more of our trips and variety content. #canada #roadtrip #travel #camping #nationalparks

00:00-00:19 Intro
00:19-01:08 On The Road
01:08-01:19 West Edmonton Mall
01:19-01:42 Jasper National Park
01:42-02:40 Jasper Skytram
02:40-02:59 Jasper Campsite
02:59-03:12 Annette Lake
03:12-03:30 Athabasca Falls
03:30-04:04 Colombia Icefields
04:04-04:48 Banff National Park
04:48-05:10 Lake Minnewanka
05:10-05:48 Lake Louise
05:48-06:13 On The Road Again
06:13-06:27 Amethyst Mine (Thunder Bay)
06:27-06:44 Lake Superior(Then Home)

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Canada Road Trip: Ottawa to Jasper! (Travel Guide)

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