Cheat Engine: Introduction (tutorial 1-4) – Game Hacking Series

Cheat Engine: Introduction (tutorial 1-4) - Game Hacking Series

🎮🕹 Learn the basics of Game Hacking. In this video, we are going to discuss the bug bounty in relation to game hacking, install cheat engine (7.4), run through the interface and basic functionality. Next, we’ll complete the built-in tutorials, steps 1-4 (welcome, exact value scanning, unknown initial value, floating points). Finally, we’ll apply the techniques we learnt to a real game (AssaultCube) to increase our ammo 😎 #BugBounty #GameHacking #CheatEngine #Tutorial

Check the full video playlist HERE:

0:00 Intro
0:22 n00b disclaimer xD
0:56 Game Hacking and Bug Bounty
4:45 Installation
7:02 Interface
9:01 Tutorial 1: Welcome
9:38 Tutorial 2: Exact Value Scanning
12:26 Tutorial 3: Unknown Initial Value
15:17 Tutorial 4: Floating Points
17:17 Hacking AssaultCube for Free Ammo
22:57 Conclusion

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Cheat Engine: Introduction (tutorial 1-4) – Game Hacking Series
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