Taskus App Explainer Video

TaskUs is an app connecting Clients and Taskers. If you have any task to do, but do not want to do it by yourself, just post it and relax – Taskers will help you getting all the things done. Created…

Polymath Reel 2020

A new collection of corporate, broadcast and experimental motion graphics work by Will Reardon. Contact [email protected] for rates and bookings. Music: Clients include: Channel 4, BBC, Capital TV, Nectar, National Lottery, X-Factor, KFC, Snickers, Coaches Voice, Cineworld, Top…


It is an application where you can find or publish different types of services. Want to know more about us? Visit or follow us on social media Instagram: @emdiemlabcreativos LinkedIin: EmdiemLab Vimeo:/emdiem


Couple years ago i did some rough animations for League of Legends … at last i can publish some!

Cliiq Trailer

Cliiq is where social meets membership. A new way to publish, share and fund your creative projects. PRE-LAUNCH SIGN-UP.

FX Reel 2018

Music: Endless Motion – Benjamin Tissot ( Bensound) Update some shots 🙂 Aquaman 00:03~00:07 Finalized first trailer version of all water FX for a internal comic show. Beach Splash RnD, built up whale jump sim setup, whale jump water sim…