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Immersive installations allow physical and emotional interaction with a brand helps engage and retain consumers. customers to be literally surrounded by the brand in question While the installations are also true works of art, Immersive installations are a form of public art that aim to engage the public in a way that no other form of art can. They use a variety of media to create an environment that fully engages its audience. By doing so, installations teach people from all walks of life something new while entertaining them. This can be difficult to do, but the possibilities are limitless when designing an installation.

The word ‘immersive’ has positive connotations; it means ‘thoroughly absorbed or involved’. When referring to art, this can mean that the artwork has successfully communicated something to its audience. Usually, installations are designed to educate people in a fun and engaging way. They often involve visitors interacting with digital environments, audio, video and smells. By doing so, installations help people learn while also having fun.

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