Intro to Complex Cheat Engine Scripts | GH209

Intro to Complex Cheat Engine Scripts | GH209

Let’s increase player defense when health is an INTEGER value!
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Let’s make a script with multiple conditions that give you total control for God Mode (infinite health and one hit kills) OR any combination of increased player damage and defense multipliers!


Welcome to Game Hacking 209, the 15th video in the GHS Series!

Intro to Complex Cheat Engine Scripts | GH209
In this video, we show how to successfully make a Cheat Engine script that allows the following PLAYER CHOICES:
1. Infinite Health as a toggle option in the Cheat Table
2. One Hit Kills as a toggle option in the Cheat Table
3. Reduction to incoming damage for the Player (defense multiplier)
3b. Total Control of the amount of damage reduction
4. Increase to damage dealt to Enemies (damage multiplier)
4b. Total Control of the amount of damage increased
5. Sub-Script that gives you instant GOD MODE (infinite Health and OHK)

To make this Cheat Engine script, we teach / cover the following topics:
1. Full Complete Break Down of what a “CODE INJECTION” is, why it’s necessary for most kinds of hacks / mods, and a detailed look at how a Cheat Engine Code Injection Template works.
2. Detailed look at EVERY function in the auto-assembler code injection template and explain / demonstrate what they do.
a. alloc() / dealloc()
b. registersymbol() / unregistersymbol()
c. label()
3. Coverage of what “SCOPE” is, how changes of SCOPE are determined in a CE Script,
4. Discussion of Assembly “Bytes” / Opcodes and how to SAFELY modify Assembly instructions in the game’s executable memory
5. How to directly manipulate assembly code without needing to inject code (aka Direct Byte Manipulation)
a. How to change / modify assembly instructions
b. How to remove / disable assembly instructions
6. How to allocate memory, hook a function, and make stable “trampolines” so you can add as much code as you want in a game’s memory
7. How to optimize / streamline your scripts with as few lines of code as possible
8. How to make even the most complex scripts “readable” so anyone can understand EXACTLY what every element in your scripts do!
9. How to make scripts that change address values in your address list / Cheta Table for you!

If you don’t have Cheat Engine or if you’re brand new to Cheat Engine / Game Hacking, we recommend watching the GHS series from the beginning:

We’re using NIOH as an example to hack HEALTH and DAMAGE, but what we show in the video works with MANY more games and with many things besides HEALTH and DAMAGE!

Keep in mind that not every game works the same, and we specifically chose NIOH for this video because it’s beginner friendly (we choose more difficult games later as the series progresses) so things might not work exactly the same as you see it in the video if you’re trying on a different game.

And that’s everything this time around! We hope you enjoyed the video!

BUT as we get into making more complex scripts, one HUGE frustration is when you spend your precious time writing the perfect script, and then a Game Update / Patch comes along and BREAKS your script!

And in the next video in the GHS Series, we’ll explore how to update broken scripts, discuss how to prevent broken scripts from crashing your game, AND most importantly, how you can write “UPDATE-PROOF” scripts!

So be sure to check out GH210 as soon as it comes out! (HINT: Subscribing to Guided Hacking’s Youtube Channel, hitting the bell, and turning Youtube Notifications on will ensure you NEVER miss any of our future videos 😉

And for advanced questions and help, visit, the number one place to learn how to hack games.

Thanks so much for watching! We’ll see you again real soon!

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Intro to Complex Cheat Engine Scripts | GH209
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