Is Generative AI the Future of Game Development? | Artifacts #02

Is Generative AI the Future of Game Development? | Artifacts #02

Throughout 2022 and 2023 the buzz surrounding #generativeai has exploded, and the big question often coming my way is: “How does this impact the games industry?” So let’s dig into it. In this episode of Artifacts, we explain what Generative AI is, and how it can (and will) influence the industry in a positive way. But we also highlight the issues, the criticisms and the whether the hype is truly justified.

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[00:00] Intro
[02:08] What is Generative AI?
[06:29] The Ever-Changing Market
[09:19] Generative AI for Games
[12:24] The Technology Issues
[15:01] The Legal Issues
[19:03] The Source of Creativity
[22:51] Wrapping Up
[23:55] Survey!
[24:55] Credits

Music in this episode is by @teknoaxe.
Opening sting and outro music by @BenRidgeMusic

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@Ubisoft’s new Ghostwriter tool, developed by @ubisoftlaforge7026

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Is Generative AI the Future of Game Development? | Artifacts #02

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