Minecraft Bedrock: Easy Turtle Scute Farm Tutorial! MCPE Xbox PC Ps4

Minecraft Bedrock: Easy Turtle Scute Farm Tutorial! MCPE Xbox PC Ps4

Welcome to another Bedrock Edition Tutorial video! Today I show you how to make a very simple Turtle scute farm! This easy farm is the best way to quickly farm a lot of turtles, so you can make turtle shells and turtle master potions! 😀 Also a great way to get turtle eggs, or just some pets! I hope you enjoy this cute farm in your world! If you do, then make sure to leave a like consider subscribing so you don’t miss future tutorials!😋

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0:00 Farm Overview
2:39 Turtle Scute Uses
5:14 Bug Alert, Babies Despawn
5:54 Mechanics
7:30 Tutorial Start

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Music by Argofox: http://bit.ly/2vsxAF1


225 solid blocks (3 stacks & 31)
220 glass (3 stacks & 28)
168 slabs (2 stacks & 40)
160 sand (2 stacks & 32)
4 ladders (optional)
4 packed ice
9 light emitting blocks (or torches)
2 carpets
2 hoppers
1 chest
1 door
1 button
Turtle eggs and sea grass

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Minecraft Bedrock: Easy Turtle Scute Farm Tutorial! MCPE Xbox PC Ps4

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