NFT Games 2022 | Clash Pets NFT | Clash Pets Game

NFT Games 2022 | Clash Pets NFT | Clash Pets Game

NFT Games 2022 | Clash Pets NFT | Clash Pets Game

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Welcome to Our NFT Games 2022 Video!

Clashpets is an exciting and immersive NFT gaming experience built in the metaverse. Clashpets seamlessly integrate all of the features we have come to love about NFT gaming, adding finesse and simplicity so that NFT-metaverse gaming is inclusive to all levels of blockchain familiarity. The Clashpets gaming experience will vastly expand the user base, contributing to the bustling play-to-earn economy for digital assets.

Clashpets is free for anyone to access and play, with robust play-to-earn systems. Holders of Clashpets NFTs benefit the most from this ecosystem by gaining significantly increased play-to-earn abilities, access to specialty items, land, and stat buffs, exclusive access to areas in our metaverse, and governance on future features, and more! Clashpets features a solo/campaign mode as well as PVP online multiplayer. Players can traverse through a vast open-world environment, interacting with other Clashpets. Your Clashpet can be used to collect resources and improve your land, battle with other Clashpets in the wild, or battle other academy trainer’s Clashpets.

Owning a Clashpet is no easy feat! Clashpets are unique and independent, requiring authentic relationship-building strategies before they become a part of your team. Understanding how to build a relationship and trust with a Clashpet will be paramount to your success. It will take several encounters with a Clashpet to learn about its likes, habits, routines, attributes, and special skills before the Clashpet will consider you a worthy ally. Over time, if you are capable of charming a Clashpet into liking you, it will test you in battle. Winning this battle is the next step that reflects on your trainer’s attributes, and the Clashpet will join your team if you have the appropriate stats. Clashpets will remain loyal and will require consistent nurturing to solidify your bond to unlock new skills and talents.


Team will be minting 10,000 Clashpets passes that will guarantee you 60+ NFT’s during the next 12 months as we roll out in-game mechanics. These passes allow you to receive an airdrop for upcoming in-game NFT Pets, PFP’s, Land, Farm Seeds, and Marketplace items. The idea behind this is that we will have a raffle allow list for 10,000 passes and holding the pass will allow you to receive airdrops without having to be active or interact in a gas war. Having a Genesis pass means you will receive 60+ NFT’s that will immerse you in our ecosystem without having to keep purchasing additional drops or mints to enjoy the game’s full experience.


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NFT Games 2022 | Clash Pets NFT | Clash Pets Game
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