PinkPantheress – Nice to meet you (feat. Central Cee) [Official Video]

PinkPantheress - Nice to meet you (feat. Central Cee) [Official Video]

The official video for ‘Nice to meet you’ (feat. Central Cee) by PinkPantheress

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Artists: PinkPantheress & Central Cee
Director: Charlotte Rutherford
Production Company: OB42
Producer: Natalie Steiner
Executive Producer: Sam Holmes
Executive Producer: Sam Davey
Production Manager & Pickup Producer: Jo Thompson
Production Coordinator: Alice Hayes
Director’s UK Agent: Polly Millner
Director’s US Agents: Sky Pittman & Jesse Kahn
Music Video Representation: OB42

DOP: Oscar Oldershaw
Focus Puller: George Telling
2nd AC: Lali Coombes
Camera trainee: Charlie Bayley
Grip: Dan Huntley
Grip: Aaron Greenfield
Ronin Tech: Emmanuel Holcroft
Video Playback: Ryan Booth
DIT: Ash Daniyan
Drone Operator: Hurcan Emre Yilmazer
Drone Operator: Barney Clark at Stem Studios
PU Focus Puller: Aaron Champion

1st AD: Philips Nortey
2nd AD: Venus Baginksi
Talent Runner: Maya Armon
Runner: Amie Cussen
Runner: Grace Goodworth
Runner: Rory Purdy

Gaffer: Leopold Naessens
Electrician: Ella Robinson
Electrician: Daniel Goodall
Electrician: Danny Golds
Desk Op: Daf Cook
Rigger: David Clark
Rigger: George Clark

Production Designer: Lydia Chan
Art Dept 1st Assistant: Mark Marrow
Art Dept 2nd Assistant: Maggie Campbell
Construction: Liam Hill
Construction: Mikulas Szvrcsek

Cast Stylist: Ellie Walker
Cast Styling Assistant: Beth Bycliff

Cast Hair & Makeup Artist: Georgia Hope
Cast HMU Assistant: Sheree Jourdan
Cast HMU Assistant: Lizzie Checkley
Cast HMU Assistant: Shani Mushington

Choreographer: Shay Latukolan
Assistant Choreographer: Lars Bohte
Artist Handling – Dancers: Naïm Ymani Latukolan

Dancer: Devanté Walden
Dancer: Jade Monteban
Dancer: Leonarda Lovrekovic
Dancer: Luciano Hiwat
Dancer: Marquisha Melcherts
Dancer: Mezack Sahetapy
Dancer: Nathaniel Samp
Dancer: Oriane Serveille
Dancer: Robin Benjamin
Dancer: Rosa Thomford
Dancer: Valery Bouwknegt
Dancer: Xenisa-Xhanee Scheek

Lovenote Writer: Ursula Holliday
Body Double: Stanley Whittaker

Medic: Andrew Wood at Movie Medic
Unit Driver: Dean Cumbers
Unit Driver: Matt Hampton
Set Security: Movie Guard Security

Studio: Park Royal Studios
Lighting: Panalux
Camera: Arri Rental
Additional Camera: Feral Equipment

Editor: Sara Faulnker
Edit Producer: Sarah Adewunmi
Edit House: Stitch

CGI & Roto: Denhov Visuals
VFX: s1m0nc3ll0

Colourist: Richard Fearon
Colour Producers: Lewes Bridson & Hannah Ruddleston
Colour House: Black Kite Studios

Pink Pantheress Team
Artist Manager: Phoebe Gold
Artist Manager: Jesse Gassongo-Alexander
Marketing Lead: Zak Boumlaki
Marketing Coordinator: Ashleigh Brown
Creative Director: Sian Rowe

Artist Styling: Milena Agbaba
Artist Styling Assistant: Joe Pettitt
Artist Styling Assistant: Anna Linton
Make-up Artist: Danielle Kahlani
Make-up Assistant: Ivory Bella
Hair Stylist: Virginie Moreira
Hair Stylist Assistant: Shahiyan Mason

Artist Movement Coach: Simon Donnellon
Artist Movement Coach: Angelica Wolanska
Artist BTS Photographer: David Dickinson
Artist Security: Jamal ‘Jamz’ Francis

Label: Warner Records
Commissioner: Dom Mckiernan
Commissioner: Danny Herman

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PinkPantheress – Nice to meet you (feat. Central Cee) [Official Video]

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