Play To Earn NFT Games (EASY Beginner Guide)

Play To Earn NFT Games (EASY Beginner Guide)

How to Make Money with Play To Earn NFT Games (EASY Beginner Guide)
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At their most basic level, Play to Earn NFTs are online games centered around rewarding players with a utility token for playing. Coupled with your go-to blockchain network, assets that players can find in-game such as weapons, armor, skins or even vehicles are showcased as NFTs. And thanks to Epic Games and Fortnite for changing the landscape on how rare in-game items work, well… that’s exactly it. Some NFTs are going to be rarer than others. However, Play to Earn NFTs do it a bit differently when it comes to owning something. Unlike Fortnite, where if a player wanted that Skeleton skin but missed out on the timeframe to get it, he was either out of luck, had to wait for Epic to un-retire the skin, or, if he was really insecure and wanted to impress his classmates at lunch, he’d take his dad’s credit card and buy another gamer’s account who had that very skin. Of course, he’d run the risk of inheriting a new gamertag with a slew of friends who suddenly speak Vietnamese as well as seeing his dad wonder why a charge on his card of six hundred dollars suddenly exists. With Play to Earn NFTs, you’re not having to deal with the hassle of buying another person’s account and online identity just to get the thing you missed out on. As the name implies, you have to play to earn.

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– Coinbase: Best for Beginners
– Coinbase Pro: Best for high volume traders & institutions
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How to Make Money with Play To Earn NFT Games (EASY Beginner Guide)
How to Make Money with Play To Earn NFT Games (EASY Beginner Guide)

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Play To Earn NFT Games (EASY Beginner Guide)
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