Pragyan Rover’s Last Images From The Lunar Surface: What Went Wrong?

Pragyan Rover's Last Images From The Lunar Surface: What Went Wrong?

In this video I have discusses India’s lunar mission, Chandrayaan-3, which successfully launched and landed on the Moon. It provides a timeline of key events, including the lunar orbit insertion, the lander’s separation, and the eventual touchdown near the lunar south pole. The script explains how the mission entered a “sleep mode” during the lunar night to protect its components from extreme cold.

Despite the challenges, the Pragyan rover collected valuable data during its brief operational period, including the recording of a lunar seismic event. The rover’s discoveries included various elements and compounds on the Moon’s surface, with a particular focus on sulfur. This video highlights the potential applications of these findings, such as the use of lunar concrete.

Additionally, it mentions surprising temperature variations just beneath the lunar surface, and the mission’s test hop, where the lander made a small leap to assess mobility on the Moon. Unfortunately, the extreme cold during the lunar night led to the mission’s end.

In conclusion, Chandrayaan-3 made significant contributions to lunar exploration, despite its relatively short operational period and the challenges posed by the lunar night’s extreme cold. Watch the full video to know more about this. I have also used a different approach with this video.

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Credits: @NASA @NASAGoddard @ESOobservatory @isroofficial5866 @EuropeanSpaceAgency

Billions And Billions + Solar Eclipse + Messier (CC BY 4.0) (CC BY 3.0)

From A Moment of Stillness by Stellardrone and Light Years


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Pragyan Rover’s Last Images From The Lunar Surface: What Went Wrong?

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