Escape rooms games Deutchland

Daher schaffen viele Architekten und Designer Escape Rooms, um Besucher herauszufordern, Hinweise zu finden und Rätsel zu lösen, um aus dem Raum zu entkommen. Auf diese Weise ähneln Escape Rooms Outdoor-Jogging- oder Wanderwegen, die zur Bewegung anregen und gleichzeitig Unterhaltung bieten.

End of Season 21-22 special

With the 2021-22 season heading to the wire, I co-wrote, directed and produced a special for Premier League Preview. This is four and a half minutes of TV that I’m very proud of, and I’m extremely grateful to all the…

Look Here/Not Here trailer

Director Bim Ajadi and Writer Jonzi D discuss the characters, narrative and themes, explaining how the deaf hip hop music drama Here/Not Here was made. Interviews with key cast and contributors explore the worlds of Krump dance, Visual Vernacular and…

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