The Best Multiserver Client | Rise 6 | Hypixel | BlocksMC | UniversoCraft | MineMen Club | And More

The Best Multiserver Client | Rise 6 | Hypixel | BlocksMC | UniversoCraft | MineMen Club | And More

Discord name: Master_mee#0308

My Server :


Where to get the client:

Texture pack: default

Server: lots
Used: Rise 6
ip: yes
Anticheat: yes
Equipment/">software I used –

Mouse : G 502 SE

Keyboard: Qisan mini

Editing software: Davinchi Resolve

Pc Specs:
CPU: Ryzen 5 3600
GPU: Gtx 1660 super
Motherboard: A520m-k
ram: 1 stick of ddr4 16gb 2666mhz

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The Best Multiserver Client | Rise 6 | Hypixel | BlocksMC | UniversoCraft | MineMen Club | And More
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