What Color Wednesday: Lunar Earth

What Color Wednesday: Lunar Earth

What Color Wednesday Answer!⁠

Lunar Earth, DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolor!⁠

A transparent, non-staining pigment that resembles Burnt Sienna in color but separates dramatically. Lightfast and extremely versatile, Lunar Earth shares pigment properties with Lunar Black and creates similar amazing textures. Explore their radical reticulating qualities separately, then try painting Lunar Earth into a wet Lunar Black wash, an instant beach-sand and pebbles magically appear.⁠

About Daniel Smith Swatch Drawdown⁠
The Daniel Smith Drawdown is a tool used by our chemists to test the color batch in the lab before moving onto the production floor to be made. What you see on the drawdown is the paint being mixed with distilled water in a ten-to-one ratio (10:1). This is 10 parts distilled water by weight to one part paint. Once the paint and distilled water are mixed the chemist then loads a brush with the paint by dipping it into the mixture one time. The chemist then proceeds to do a wash on the upper portion of the drawdown. What you see is a wash completed by loading the brush only once.⁠

Next, a new brush is used and again loaded with the same mixture. The chemist then starts from the top left and makes brush lines until reaching the end of the paper which is bottom right. This gradient shows what the paint looks like from first putting it down until the point the brush is almost or fully unloaded. The paper used for drawdowns is Lana Aquarelle 140# cold-processed watercolor paper.⁠

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What Color Wednesday: Lunar Earth

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