Would you leave a 3 Michelin star restaurant to run a pub? Meet a chef who did!

Would you leave a 3 Michelin star restaurant to run a pub? Meet a chef who did!

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This week I’m exploring the fascinating journeys of chefs who’ve taken life-altering leaps in their culinary careers. In this episode, we delve into the compelling story of Chef Carmine from “The Bear” and his remarkable transition from a world of Michelin stars to running a family restaurant and contrast it with the real world of Chef Ben Watson who left working in a 3 star Michelin restaurant to running his own food led Pub in the UK

Carmine, a Chicago native and acclaimed chef, had previously achieved global recognition and fame, boasting three prestigious Michelin stars. However, his journey takes an unexpected turn when he inherits his family’s restaurant after the tragic loss of his older brother, Mikey.

From a recent Food Envy Podcast episode, I speak with Chef Ben Watson, who went from being a Sous Chef at the 3-star “Core by Clare Smith” to taking the bold step of running his own pub near Henley on Thames. We explore the dynamics of change in the fast-paced culinary industry, the unique relationships we all have with risk, and the lessons learned in becoming your own boss.

This video provides a glimpse into Chef Ben’s inspiring journey, and you can catch even more of his insights and watch him demonstrate the art of plating exquisite dishes in our linked video.

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0:00 – Intro
0:08 – Story of The Bear
0:46 – Why some chefs want change
0:57 – Chefs who want to run own kitchen
1:04 – Chef Ben Watson
1:25 – The Food Envy Podcast
1:51 – going from 3 star Core by Clare Smith
2:08 – private chef helped with the change
2:33 – moving from brigade of 20 to just him
2:55 – creating own dishes rather than following repertoires
3:33 – wanted the challenge
4:10 – dream with wife to run venue by themselves
4:49 – control over destiny
5:23 – success and failure are greater
5:36 – Biggest lesson from the move
6:16 – Michelin skillset will give you a great base for success
7:55 – Husband and wife team, managing front and back of house
9:01 – What is Ben vision/ goals for his pub
10:34 – Michelin Guide
12:43 – Michelin Stars???
13:42 – One sitting one menu/ Chefs Tables
14:31 – relying on locals, changing menu
14:52 – Keeping it fun

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Would you leave a 3 Michelin star restaurant to run a pub? Meet a chef who did!

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